I am a PhD candidate at the University of Huddersfield's CeReNeM supervised by Dr. Alex Harker and Dr. Steven Jan. My research focuses on the analysis of my own practice composing and performing live electronic music. I address the aesthetic and technical aspects of sophisticated computing techniques that result in either partial or full autonomy for an electronic agent in music. I approach this from a perspective as a researcher and artist, drawing on fields of human computer interaction, interaction design theory, psychology and my own observations.

My motivation is to discover and research the way that technology is shaping creativity in humans who have access to the rich world of computers in musical praxis. The skill or ascription of creativity is no longer reserved to humans in a modern context, as computers have increasingly taken on more responsibility for the evaluation and selection of micro- and macroscopic creative material. As this phenomenon is relatively contemporary, I seek to identify other connected examples of this transition and to find where various disciplines intersect.