This is a list of several projects I've worked on over the last few years. If you want to learn more clicking each one can take you to a separate page with more information.
Intersymmetric Works This project is in collaboration with Mark fell, Rian Treanor and Joe Gilmore. Together we created a web-based collaborative sequencer for exploring algorithmic rhythmic transformation and sequencing.
Alucita II Alucita II is a glass installation by Andie Brown. I helped program the Max patch which manages transduction timing and scheduling for the chorus of glasses.
Reconstruction Error Raw data is harvested from my hard drive and classified and categorised by machine listening and learning software. This album is a collection of my compositions with the sounds that the computer found.
Annealing Strategies A simulated annealing engine searches a chaotic 24 parameter space with the simple task of finding the quietest possible parameter combination.
Stitch/Strata This piece is based on several strategies for automatically concatenating vocal segments into small phrases with the aid of the computer.
Biomimicry Biomimicry is a co-compositional system that analyses improvised input with audio descriptors. Using the model of a synthetic faulty memory the computer attempts to mimic the textural qualities of the input signal.