ReaComa brings the power of the FluCoMa tools to REAPER. This project was born from my own interest in porting the fluid.noveltyslice~ algorithm (an implementation of the seminal Foote paper) to be used in my favourite DAW. Now, all of ‘toolbox 1’ is implemented alongside a set of tutorial videos covering installation, usage and some in depth discussion on how you might apply the tools creatively.

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ReaCoMa might be interesting to you if you are concerned with signal decomposition, segmentation or transforming sounds in REAPER. With ReaCoMa you can perform:

Non-negative matrix factorisation(NMF)

Harmonic percussive source separation

Transient isolation and manipulation

Sinusoidal resynthesis

…as well as numerous segmentation algorithms including:

Novelty slicing

Amplitude slicing

Transient slicing

Spectrum slicing

If you’d like to know more I suggest you check out these links:

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